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We aim to inspire & engage people of all abilities to further their knowledge of Electronics, Coding & Design by offering a well designed, well manufactured, innovative product range and free resources. All backed by detailed product descriptions, knowledgeable staff and fast delivery.

BBC micro:bit controlled Line Following Buggy uses two LDRs (light dependent resistors) as sensors to control a line following board on the bottom of the chassis to 'follow' black lines. 
The buggy can easily be customised and to help you get started we have also supplied code for Bump 'n' Spin functionality using the BBC micro:bit's on-board accelerometer. 
This kit requires assembly and soldering.  BBC micro:bit NOT included.
The Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit provides a fantastic way of learning how to construct and control electronic circuits. The BBC micro:bit has a selection of pins that are located on the bottom edge of its PCB. By using our specially designed Edge Connector Board for the BBC micro:bit in conjunction with the breadboard , it is easy to use these pins to connect additional components to the BBC micro:bit. This Inventor's Kit contains everything you need to complete 10 experiments including using LEDs, motors, LDRs and capacitors.
No soldering is required and you can build your first circuit in minutes! BBC micro:bit NOT included.
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