Kiddiengineer Online....

Bringing the fantastic Kiddiengineer Extra Mural Club ONLINE, so we can reach more children and expose them to STREAM!

Try out module 1: Welcome to coding with Makecode

IT's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to find out more about all our exciting modules that you can do from home! Try out or Free module to get you started!

Do you remember the game SNAKE

Well give it a go;

Press Button A to turn left or Button B to turn right

(press A+B to reset) 


You can learn how to code this game ..... and many other cool lessons. 

With Kiddiengineer you can learn the basics of coding, robotics and engineering and advance yourself into IOT, SMART homes and Robotics. All online at your own pace and time, leave a lesson and come back right where you left off from.

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