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definitive panel

What is the definitive panel?

definitive panels (dp1) come in a variety of sizes 55" 65" 70" and 84" and come in two resolutions (1920 x 1080) FHD and (3840 x 2160) 4k UHD.  With its remarkable LED-illuminated screen, the dp1 touch display helps you deliver clear instruction and engage your students in a more collaborative learning experience. Multiple students can work together on the large touchscreen display at the front of the room.

10 point Touch Technology

  • dp1 is a 10 point finger or stylus touch panel allowing for multiple users to access the panel simultaneously, and multi-touch features, such as pinch-to-zoom.

  • The dp1 features response times of less than 16 milliseconds, meaning students can see results instantly. 

  • Plug and play with Win7 or above therefore no need for any drivers.

  • dp1 works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android systems.


  • The dp1 is a multi-touch panel of the future, with the sleek, modern design created for offices to classrooms.

  • Excellent picture technology LED screen is consistently bright and clean, glare and eye fatigue are minimized by an anti-reflective coating over tempered glass. 

  • Accurate IR optical sensor technology provides improved touch reliability and response, even in the edges and corners.

1.8cm frame width

Built-in Android System

  • Intergrated Android operating system that gives you an easy to use whiteboard, ability to print from your computer, annotate over anything, save content to your panel, and download Android programs without connecting a computer.

Accessories Included

  • Remote Control

  • HDMI Cable

  • Installation Guideline

  • Stylus x 2

  • IWB software

  • Wall Mount

  • dp1 white boarding software

Definitive Panel
Definitive Panel
Definitive Panel
Definitive Panel
Definitive Panel
Definitive Panel
Definitive Panel
Definitive Panel
Definitive Panel

Educational Software Suite

  • The dp1 comes with its own educational white boarding software used throughout the world to deliver creative, interactive curriculum aligned lessons. Teachers are able to create, save and share these lessons in the various formats available.

  • The dp1 can be used with any other Interactive Whiteboard software on the market, along with Microsoft Office - thus allowing teachers to use what they prefer to teach with.

Professional Development

  • With every dp1 you receive a comprehensive training and Professional Development DVD that contains 30 training videos on Hardware, Software and Pedagogy of the board.

  • This is the guarantee we offer at definitive technologies; we will get your staff using our panels quicker than any other panel.   


  • VGA

  • HDMI

  • AV

Optional Extras

  • Computer OPS Intel i5

  • Pentray

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