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definitive portable infinity

What is the definitive portable infinity (dpi1) ?

A low-cost solution that simply turns any traditional whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard using Infrared and ultrasound technologies. This plug-and-play system enables users to easily connect the Infinity sensor with a computer and a projector in order to digitize and interact with the whiteboard and make your lesson or presentation interactive.

definitive portable interactive
definitive portable interactive


  • the stylus supplied is used to control and interact with the projected image from your computer.

  • using both infrared and ultrasonic tracking technology, makes for extremely accurate writing and contol on your board.

Educational Software Suite

  • The dpi1 comes with its own educational white boarding software used throughout the world to deliver creative, interactive curriculum aligned lessons. Teachers are able to create, save and share these lessons in the various formats available.

  • The db1 can be used with any other Interactive Whiteboard software on the market, along with Microsoft Office - thus allowing teachers to use what they prefer to teach with.

Long Lasting

  • The dpi1 is easy to carry and is suitable to be installed in most educational and business environments.

  • Magnetic-mount brackets make the installation  simple and easy. 

Ease of USe

  • Easy & Flexible Installation

  • Plug-and-Play

  • Multi-function Electronic Stylus

  • Multi-Calibration Records Saved

  • USB / 2.4G Wireless Connection

  • No Driver Installation Required            

  • Support OS: Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP; Linux; Mac

Accessories Included

  • 5m USB cable

  • db1 education white boarding software

Professional Development

  • With every dpi1 you receive a comprehensive training and Professional Development DVD that contains 30 training videos on Hardware, Software and Pedagogy of the bdevice.

  • This is the guarantee we offer at definitive technologies; we will get your teachers using the devices quicker than any other board.   


  • Wired

       The dpi1 connects and is powered by a USB cable.

  • Wireless (additional cost)

       Or just plug the USB Wireless Receiver to a USB

       port on your computer and you can connect with

       the dpi1 interactive system and enjoy the

       interactive experience. 

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