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definitive eNote Board 

What is definitive eNote Flip Chart ?

Digitally capture, save and share your whiteboard notes. What you see on the eNote Flip-Chart is synchronised with the mobile phone, tablet or PC. 

The eNote electronic flipchart, enables you to directly / indirectly connect to any mobile devices. Using a regular dry erase marker, all your notes written on
eNote Board can be shared, saved and edited in seconds on your mobile phone / tablet.


eNote Application

Available at the Windows, Apple Store and Google Play. eNote Flip-Chart App lets the participant add private notes to the shared content on the mobile device, allows participants to create their own notes notes.

Where we can use a eNote Board

Anywhere where you have electricity - should you wish to have your notes appear on the participants devices.​

  • Schools

  • Offices

  • Sports Centers

  • Training Rooms

  • Meeting Rooms


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