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definitive board

82" - R10,950.00

What is the definitive board ?

definitive board (db2) is a 4:3 format interactive whiteboard that requires the use of a projector. Available as a 78" interactive working area, definitive board uses infra red (IR) technology and is 10-point touch.

deftech interactive whiteboard
deftech interactive whiteboard(1)
deftech interactive whiteboard(2)
deftech interactive whiteboard(3)
deftech interactive whiteboard(4)

10 point Touch Technology

  • db2 is a 10 point finger or stylus interactive whiteboard allowing for multiple users to access the board simultaneously, and multi-touch features, such as pinch-to-zoom.

  • The db2 features response times of less than 16 milliseconds, meaning students can see results instantly. 

  • Plug and play with Win7 or above therefore no need for any drivers.

  • db2 works on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Educational Software Suite

  • The db2 comes with its own educational white boarding software used throughout the world to deliver creative, interactive curriculum aligned lessons. Teachers are able to create, save and share these lessons in the various formats available. Participants can also have the notes appear on their devices live in class through wifi.

  • The db2 can be used with any other Interactive Whiteboard software on the market, along with Microsoft Office - thus allowing teachers to use what they prefer to teach with.

Long Lasting

  • The db2 is the interactive whiteboard of the future, with the sleek, modern design created for contemporary classrooms.

  • The high strength aluminum alloy frame and strong steel board surface along with a 2 year warranty, means that the db2 is built to stand the test of time. 

  • With the current unstable electricity situation, the db2 can be written on with whiteboard markers.

High Quality Board Surface

  • The vitreous enamel steel board makes the db1 perfect for ease of writing even with normal whiteboard markers, whilst the matt surface enables clear projection.

Accessories Included

  • 2 x Stylus

  • IWB Software

  • User Manual

  • 1, 6m USB Cable

  • Wall Mount Kit 

Professional Development

  • With every db2 you receive a comprehensive training and Professional Development DVD that contains 30 training videos on Hardware, Software and Pedagogy of the board.

  • This is the guarantee we offer at definitive technologies; we will get your teachers using our boards quicker than any other board.   


  • The db2 connects and is powered by a USB cable. 

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