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PRIMO Cubetto

Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot that will teach your child the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands on play. NO computer needed!


A tangible programming interface that teaches children 4 years old and older, programming logic away from the screen.

The Cubetto Play Set allows children to learn basic programming logic through a tactile programming interface. Children can write real programs for Cubetto, a small robot, using colourful blocks, providing a magical experience that hides all the electronics inside a charming wooden character. Cubetto’s electronics can also double up as a powerful prototyping board. Users can build new robots with simple plug-and-play sensors and an illustrated manual to help guide the experience. 

For schools and homes 
The play set is a powerful learning tool, delivering exceptional educational value, suitable across an entire range of ages. The Cubetto Playset is also great for use at home. The experience is intuitive requiring little to no adult intervention or supervision for play. 

Welcome to the Colouring Pack, a brand new kit that mixes art with coding. Turn Cubetto into a drawing bot and have hours of fun drawing with code.

Inside the box:

1x Cubetto Graphics User Manual, 1x Colouring Adventure Book, 1x Washable Colouring Map, 6x Carioca Jumbo Felt Tip Pens, 1x Doodle Band.

Blue Ocean - A submarine voyage below the waves. From bubbling underwater volcanoes, to sunken treasures. Swim beneath the icebergs of the North Sea, and up again.

Inside the box: 1x Map, 1x Story Book

Ancient Egypt - A historical journey to the Great Pyramids. Learn about long-lost civilizations and hieroglyphics. Unearth ancient treasures, and solve the Sphinx mysteries.

Inside the box: 1x Map, 1x Story Book

Deep Space - A trip to the fringes of our solar system. Visit the International Space Station, Mars, and Jupiter. Wave at Earth, just a pale blue dot from the depths of our galaxy.

Inside the box: 1x Map, 1x Story Book

Swarmy Swamp – Brave gator-filled waters to save the day with your coding skills! Take an airboat ride through a misty marshland. A world filled with exotic plants and animals. Take in the sights, and make some friends along the way

Inside the box: 1x Map, 1x Story Book

Code you can touch to motor Cubetto through any adventure. Introducing: the backward block! Steer, swerve and reverse in a whole new host of combinations!

Inside the box: 4x Backward, 4x Left, 4x Right, 4x Forward

Take coding with Cubetto to a whole new level. Presenting even more sequencing fun with our two new friends: the random and negation blocks! And more function blocks!

Inside the box: 4x Negation, 4x Random, 4x Function

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