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Pepper sees and detects people in his environment.

When Pepper sees that someone is  looking at it, it will 

engage in dialogue with the person, and provides him

or her with the anticipated service.

Created to communicate as naturally and intuitively as

possible, Pepper uses both its voice and its body language

in order to interact with people. Peppers touch screen

increases its capacity to interact and enables it to provide

more information, particularly in a graphic form.


Lastly, Pepper is able to understand and express itself in numerous languages. Although Pepper is able to function without being connected to the internet, Peppers performance is improved when it is connected to the Cloud via its    Wi-Fi connection. This allows Pepper to access his advanced voice recognition and emotional analysis services. It is also via the Cloud that Pepper provides you with the data it collects. An entirely programmable platform, Pepper offers infinite usage possibilities to enrich the customer’s experience. Pepper can currently be found in banks, retail stores, hotel concierges as receptionists, at car dealerships and even in peoples homes around the world. Pepper is available as a research robot for schools, colleges and universities to teach programming and conduct research into human-robot interactions. 


Pepper Robot in South Africa.


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In our educational videos we hope to show you exactly what Pepper is capable of doing and also explain and answer questions skeptics might have about robots being in our futures.

Contact us to find our more or even meet Pepper the Robot.

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