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definitive all-in-one

What is the definitive all-in-one (dAIO) ?

The definitive all-in-one is an Ultra short throw LED light projector with a built- in computer along with an interactive device. Simply plug and play for your dAIO interactive solution and when you are finished you can pack it away.


LED Lamp Power

  • dAIO uses the Osram LED lamp, which is brighter, has lower power consumption and less heat. What's more, the lamp has a very long lamp life of 50000 hours, which can on average last 20 years of use.

Educational Software Suite

  • The dAIO comes with its own educational white boarding software used throughout the world to deliver creative, interactive curriculum aligned lessons. Teachers are able to create, save and share these lessons in the various formats available.

  • The dAIO can be used with any other Interactive Whiteboard software on the market, along with Microsoft Office - thus allowing teachers to use what they prefer to teach with.

Plug and Play

  • With the dAIO you only need to press two buttons to get up and running and you have a fully interactive device that you can use up against any hard and smooth surface.


Contrast Ratio                      1000000:1

Resolution                             1280*800

Projection distance              0.2-2m

Projection Ratio                   80”@ 0.383m

Lamp type                             Osram P2WLED

Lamp life                               50000 hours

Projection size                      30-300 inch

Professional Development

  • With every dAIO you receive a comprehensive training and Professional Development DVD that contains 30 training videos on Hardware, Software and Pedagogy of the board.

  • This is the guarantee we offer at definitive technologies; we will get your teachers using our technology quicker than any other board.   

  • Our PD is accredited by SACE


  • The dAIO comes with built-in WIFI and Bluetooth.

  • It has VGA and 2 x HDMI ports along with 2 x USB ports

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