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About Us:

At deftech, we are passionate about our education and corporate clients. At deftech we offer interactive technology to enhance the classroom, boardroom, meeting room and training room.

deftech offers:

  • A complete cost effective and robust range of interactive technologies that transform classrooms and corporate boardrooms into 21st century environments.

  • deftech offers induction and training services that ensure that our clients extract maximum values from their investments in technology.

  • deftech’s technologies are uniquely suited for the Southern African environment.


deftech is a proud and passionate distributor of the award winning edutech product- Littlebits into the education sector in South Africa and the broader market on the continent.


The LittleBits product is an exciting and leading Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) toy product that is transforming and enhancing the benefits of play.

LittleBits is a 21st century play product adapted to fit into the rapidly growing techno world. LittleBits inspires users, mainly children, to be creative, curious, inventive, and exploratory. Launched in the USA in 2016, LittleBits has trail blazed itself into the forefront of the STEAM revolution worldwide.


deftech is more than a distributor of LittleBits into Africa and provider of micro:bit into education, as a passionate advocate for quality education, we have developed the Kiddiengineer initiative. this initiative is broken up into various functions namely Kiddiengineer club where we take our products to schools and run workshops teaching the STEAM concepts and engineering through these educational toys. We then have kiddiengineer Reach where we invite corporate companies to partner with us and make these programs accessible to public schools and enhance their education experience  as well as afford them the opportunity to have access to these marvelous educational toys. Kiddiengineer also features activities that will connect participants to the most inspiring and innovative entrepreneurs and leaders in the world today.

Join the Deftech journey and become a partner by joining our school reseller program, or our kiddiengineer Reach program or just follow us on social media to see what is available and the difference we are making.

Grow your business with Deftech products and services and help us to make an impact in education by contacting us.

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